It is important to make sure that the roof of your home is in good shape. A damaged roof, no matter how minor, can bring forth a lot of issues in the future. From leaks to collapsing, a roof goes through a lot all year round, so have a professional Roofer from American Quality Roofing and Siding come take a look! Only a

Copper Work

We take pride in our copper roofs, flashings, and panels. They aren't just great protection against the elements but a complementary piece of art as well.


We are experts at installing a wide range of siding. We will meet with you in advance and help you choose the right type of siding for your home ensuring it matches the look of your home and also matches your budget. We will do everything to ensure that the great quality lasts for many years.

Painting and Gutter Services

Our company provides a full range of painting services for your home. We also are a full service gutter company specializing in gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, and professional gutter system design.

Our Area of Service